Amazon Belongs to Which Country

Let us know Amazon belongs to which country company is and who is the owner of Amazon. Many people are interested in taking this kind of information, so here we are going to give you all kinds of information related to Amazon.

Amazon Belongs to Which Country

Amazon is an American company. Its founder is Jeff Bezos, He started this company on 5 July 1994 from America. It is an e-commerce and technology company. The CEO of Amazon is Andy Jassy and he has been working as the CEO since 5 Jul 2021.

Other questions related to this company

  1. Who owns amazon?

    The Amazon owner’s name is Jeff Bezos.

  2. Where is Amazon headquarter?

    The headquarters of Amazon is in Seattle, Washington, United States.

  3. Which country company is Amazon?

    Amazon is an American e-commerce company.

  4. When was Amazon founded?

    Amazon was founded on July 5, 1994, in America.

  5. Who is the CEO of Amazon?

    The CEO of Amazon is Andy Jassy.

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